These are artists who have shown their work at the Brassworks Gallery space.   For more information about them click on their names.

Leslie Adler (Artist whose show starts February 6, 2015)

Cathy Asher

Francesca Azzara

Sussana Baker

Janet Boltax

Mona Brody

Lynda D’Amico

Circe Dunnell

William Dunnell

Harriet Finck

John Fletcher

Karen Nielsen Fried

Rayna Gillman

Allan Gorman 

Alyce Gottesman

Marion Held

Catherine LeCleiere

Rachel Leibman

Wendy Letven

Susan Lisbin

Yvette Lucas

Edith Munro

Alexandra Schoenberg (Artist whose show starts February 6, 2015)

Fran Shalom

Stefanie Silverman

Paula Stark

Nancy Tobin

Bill Westheimer

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